9 Lightweight Hoodies Perfect for Summer 2023

The summer breeze and a hoodie’s ease make the perfect combination to rock the season.

If you are looking to stack your wardrobe with lightweight hoodies that are perfect for summer but have got bombarded with plushy and fleecy options. This is your palace to be.

We have rounded up 9 lightweight hoodies that are surprisingly cool and soft to the touch. Let’s get to know each of them one by one.


1)  Black Embroidery Unisex Hoody

A black embroidered unisex hoodie is the best option when it comes to breaking all the norms of summer wardrobe norm. The just-right blend of cotton and polyester is what makes it breezy. Above all, the embroidered chest and sleeves and kangaroo pockets make it everyone’s top choice.


2)  Graphic Hoody

Graphics never go out of style. And, for space enthusiasts, a graphic imprint of space agents on their hoodies in vibrant hues will be the ideal pick. The oversized hoodie with comfortable fit and amazing prints is your go-to to look effortlessly stylish.


3)  Black Embossed Unisex Hoody

Embossed carvings always look classy on outfits. And their charm doubles up when they are embossed on a hoodie. The embossed logo at the mid-chest with an oversized fit gives a luxurious feel to the wearer. It also features a kangaroo pocket to make it more chic.


4)  Graphic Hoody

A classically printed hoodie paired with straight-fit jeans? Isn’t that all you need on a summer day? No matter what the agenda of the day is — either it’s an evening at the beach or something else. This hoodie is all you need.


5)  Gray Embossed Unisex Hoody

Upgrade your summer style with a gray embossed unisex hoodie. This hoodie features an embossment on its chest which is subtle but good enough to add a touch of sophistication. Wear it during the breezy evenings or for early morning strolls.


6)  Maroon Embossed Unisex Hoody

With a unique color and embossed style, this hoodie sets itself apart as an outfit from others for enjoying a starlit gathering on summer nights. If its color and stylish appearance don’t seal the deal for you, the kangaroo pocket and the oversized fit definitely will.


7)  Embossed Hoody and Short Set (Fuchsia)

A stunning fuchsia-colored hoodie and short ensemble with intricate embossment is ideal for lounging. You can stay comfortable and stylish at the same time and can turn heads anywhere you go.


8)  Embossed Hoody and Short Set (Blue)

The embossed detailing on the dynamic blue hoodie and short set adds a textured twist to the apparel. At the same time, the summer-friendly fabric ensures comfort for the wearer, even on the hottest days. The aquatic blue color feels cool to the eyes.


9)  Embossed Hoody and Short Set (Green)

The green color reflects the lushness of the season. Designed for luxury and style, the embossed hoodie and short set are a refreshing ensemble you can wear everywhere – from morning hikes to bonfires.

The range of lightweight summer hoodies at Muy Care is far more amazing for summer than expected. Check out their hoodie collection on their website and pick one for yourself. Let us know which long-sleeved goodness from this collection made its way to your wardrobe.


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